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Why Security Films?

"Harden the Target"

A burglary occurs every 22.6 seconds

According to FBI statistics more then half a million burglaries occur each year. That's one every 22.6 seconds. 

More then 733 billion dollars in goods are stolen in property crimes annually. 

Broken windows remain to be one of the most common points of access for burglaries. 

According to (and other sources) Texas is the leading state for Burglaries!

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What are Security Films?

Security films are transparent films that can be applied to most existing windows. They prevent the windows from shattering, as well as retains them in the window frame. This provides two distinct advantages. 

First, it prevents the intruder from rapid access to the interior of the building. In a situation where seconds count this can allow first responders more time to arrive on scene. 

This shatter prevention also increases safety for staff and customers inside the building. In the event a window is broken, occupants are protected from the shattered glass. 

The film is even blast rated to provide protection during an explosion!


Window Films are a Cost Effective Solution

Security window films pay for themselves with energy savings. Our films reject 95 percent of the suns UV rays. This leads to reduced heating and cooling costs. The films save enough to pay for themselves in 3 to 5 years. 

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